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Sunday, August 21, 2005


A lot of folks are at the beach today- for sure, most of the people I know are not home... I know because I've been busy making phone calls to see who would want the extra ticket I have for the Hollywood Bowl JVC Jazz show this evening - and I feel a little like Howard Tate (or BB King!) because 'ain't nobody home'! I have while waiting to see who might respond to my invitation, I took the time to post tributes that had been sent in to the Soul website on Eugene Record (of The Chi-Lites) and Renaldo 'Obie' Benson (of The Four Tops). Soul music has known its share of losses in the past few years - Luther, of course, Little Milton (only weeks ago), Tyrone Davis, Fred Smith (who wrote and produced a lot of material for the Mirwood label), Johnny Bristol, Barbara Acklin, Erma Franklin, Doris Troy, Syreeta, Barry White, Ray Charles, Nina Simone...the list goes on and seems almost disproportionate for one musical genre. Not sure who 'invented' the compact disc but I will forever be grateful for whoever it was has left us the ability to celebrate the music of all these folks and many more (Lorraine Ellison, Phyllis Hyman, Esther Phillips, Junior Walker, Marvin Gaye, Mary Wells, Charles Brown and on and on) long after they've shed the mortal coil...


At 3:19 AM, Anonymous GoogaMooga said...

Never saw The Chi-Lites or Four Tops live. The Chi-Lites were one of the top three sweet-soul groups (the other two being The Stylistics and The Delfonics). The Four Tops had the longest career of any vocal group with an unchanged line-up (43 years). I'm slowly getting used to the fact that we are now losing soul veterans every month. It's hard, but we have to accept it. The depletion in the soul ranks is akin to what happened with the jazz and blues greats in the seventies. Why is it that these performers seem to die prematurely? It makes me wonder. Eugene Record and Obie Benson are sorely missed, as are all the other dead. This fall I'm going to see Four Tops with only one original Top. Sad.


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