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Sunday, August 21, 2005


Being the 'Brit Ambassador of Soul' (!), folks do wonder what I listen to when I'm relaxing or working... Well, I do have a 'set' list of tunes I use for my own vocalizing and expressing whatever emotions I may be feeling - and we all know sweet (and sometimes bitter) soul music can be the best medium for such expression. This morning, I was feeling a little blue, a little lonely and - is increasingly the case living in L.A. - isolated. So who helped me lose the blues - or at least express what I was going interesting mix! I kicked off with Billy Stewart's eternal "Sitting In The Park" and moved to Deniece Williams' "Silly" (and yes, I kept it gender true for those who might wanna know). Then, Quincy Jones/Patti Austin's jam "Betcha Wouldn't Hurt Me" (co-written by Steveland Morris aka Stevie Wonder) and onto Anita Baker's "Fairytales" (a constant reminder that love is truly never what our society would like us to believe it is) and finishing with Atlantic Starr's "Send For Me" which I sang along with with such passion I scared own self. Something to do with that line, "I'm just a telephone call away..." which seems to apply more often than ever in a city where real friendship and honest connection seem harder and harder to create...

When it was time to work, I put on a really unusual mix: started out with the gorgeous tones of Brazilian singer Celso Fonseca's "Rive Gauche Rio" (thanks for giving me the 'heads up' about this one, Michael!) and then on to the sanctified sound of Lori Perry's "Wrote This Song" which reminded me that when faced with the challenges of dealing with my own and other's humanity, I can always anchor myself with faith and belief in eternal life for the soul and spirit beyond the everyday trials and tribulations of earthly existence...

What did YOU listen to today and how did it affect you? Love to know...


At 9:27 AM, Blogger tftka said...

Well D, regarding what I'm listening to today: i started out with playing back my creations from yesterday featuring my sons on accompaning sequenced drums, and keyboard; self on voice, cornet, trombone, guitar, keys; a rather inpsiring eclectic production. Judging fron the remaining cds in my "to listen- to stack", upcoming today will be a Verve Master Edition sampler featuring artists such as Ella, Count, Stan / Joao, Jimmy and Wes, Charlie and Dizzy, etc; then it will be massive Attack's Mezzanine. The affect my choice on music has on me is one of spiritual upliftment, calm resolve and dance. TK

At 1:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the old and the new.
I adore Jill Scott, to me she has uniqueness and amazing talent.
Alicia Keys is very much growing on me. She has so much passion for music and like Jill I thing she is new and exiting AND knows about the old style as well. Amoug the older artists ... well everybody from Aretha to Smokey to Luther to Chaka to .... there is such a richness so many amazing contributions to the art of music.

At 11:28 PM, Blogger music4all said...

Hi David N han, The British Ambassador Of Soul !

Nice post!

I really love that music means so much to so many. It brings us all together!

Right now, I'm rockin' out to the "nuclear-meltdown, piano-mania, happy blues" piano music at It smokes so righteously that I can't stop smiling :)

I wonder if you can feel it as much as I do...


- Sandy

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