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Saturday, September 10, 2005


I had Saturday morning breakfast with my good friend Eric Burns and I shared with him about what happened this week with my 'infamous' blogs. What I realized is that some of the comments I made in the blogs (particularly re: Chaka Khan and Natalie Cole) were very personal and if I have 'issues' with the folks concerned, I should take them up with them directly. While I stand by comments I made about the shows I saw, I do see that there was a constructive way to say what I felt; that my personal feelings should not get in the way of giving objective viewpoints on shows I've seen. I have always prided myself on 'taking the high road' and I see that for once, I did not - and I regret that. I realize from the degree of venom that was spewed out at me through the message boards of both artists that I only created more 'negative' energy - and I forgot how that breeds even more of the same. Thus, the blogs I wrote on the shows I reviewed have been deleted. If anyone wants to respond to my having remoed them, feel free to holler back.

And tonight, I'm off to see ARETHA FRANKLIN for a second night in a row: a full report to follow but for starters, know that she sang her feet off last night in L.A. at The Universal Amphitheater! "Until You Come Back To Me," "Share Your Love With Me," "Something He Can Feel," "Ain't No Way" and Angela Bofill's "Angel Of The Night" (brilliant!).... More to follow...


At 8:21 AM, Anonymous GoogaMooga said...

I am so envious that you can see Aretha Franklin live. She never visits Europe on account of her fear of flying. How does she get to LA from Detroit - by train or car? I hope some day I can see Aretha Franklin live. My greatest concert wish!

At 3:44 AM, Blogger crisdenton9154 said...

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At 11:29 PM, Blogger music4all said...

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