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Saturday, September 23, 2006


If you were lucky enough (!) to come in the '60s or '70s, you know all about those truly funky soul bands! We're talkin' Dyke & The Blazers, Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band, The Meters and of course James Brown at his funkiest... Well, tis a dyin' art but thankfully, we got Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings...hallelujah!

If you don't know who Sharon is, well...she's a 5' nothin' dynamic super-energetic traditional R&B and soul sista and the Dap Kings are a sho' nuff no-stuff funk band that is the perfect match for Sharon's girtty, raw get-you-in-the-gut vocals. This girl don't play...and she had everyone at the Henry Fonda Theater beggin' for mo'... Trip is most of the crowd was under 40 and white...and most of them don't know Dyke & The Blazers and The Meters from nothin' but it's cool, cool, cool because Sharon and co. are keeping the tradition ALIVE. They don't have no major record deal but through word of mouth and two albums on their own Daptone label, they've been building it up...till it's a rock!

I first saw Sharon & The Dap Kings at a small club in Cleveland last year when I was there for a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame event...and they so kicked ass that when my Soul colleague Michael told me the band was playing in L.A., I had to go...

It was Michael's first experience of Sharon & co. and like the packed house, he loved watching Sharon strut her stuff, doing new songs from the next album (due in March 2007) and from the group's two current CDs... For good measure, she also throws in dance moves from the '60s and I don't know anyone else who you will see do the Funky Chicken, The Boogaloo and The Tighten Up on any stage anywhere these days!

They do have a MySpace page - - so you can hear the music for yourself - and we will be adding their CDs to Soul soon.... If they're coming to your town and you really wanna have a funky good time, check 'em out...
See ya...
Soulfully yours


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